1. The Post Nuclear Compilation 7th Edition

  2. Dystopian Waifu
    Limoilou Terror Corps

  3. Nocturnal Instincts

  4. Brotherhood of Steel
    Hangar 117

  5. Nocturnal Ventures (The Remastered Demos)

  6. Midsummer Abductions
    Steven Van Horny & Alien Tantric Method

  7. Syrio A
    Humanfobia & DJ_Iterate

  8. Alternate Dimension

  9. Grim Future

  10. Game Over! The Arcade Various Artists Compilation

  11. The Road to Purgation
    Hangar 117

  12. Cyber World

  13. Prospect of the Night

  14. World of the Future
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  15. Heretical

  16. The Cyber Hacker Various Artists Compilation

  17. Bring Me Back To The Past With You

  18. Cyberpunk VII Artificial Intelligence Dominated Universe Compilation

  19. The Mad Scientist Experiments Various Artists Compilation

  20. Neon City 1987

  21. The Space Horror Compilation

  22. Remembering Happier Days Before The Dystopia

  23. The Coldness of Winter 5 Various Artists Compilation

  24. New Dawn , Emergence of a New World

  25. The End of the World
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  26. The Post Nuclear Compilation VI

  27. Operation Take Down The System

  28. The Cemetery of Sounds Compilation 2020 Edition

  29. An Episode of Melancholia
    Hangar 117

  30. Alienwave

  31. Praevisum Futurum
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  32. Psychedelic III Addicted to the Stench of Death Compilation

  33. UFO VII The Final Invasion Compilation

  34. Horror III Compilation

  35. Cyberpunk VI Replicants Fury Compilation

  36. The Protest Compilation

  37. Endgame
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  38. Nostalgia

  39. The Noise Crusaders Various Artists Compilation

  40. Nocturnal Ventures

  41. Pandemonium
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  42. The Space Program Compilation
    Various Artists

  43. Civilization Collapse
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  44. Veritas Vincit

  45. UFO VI Annihilation
    Various Artists

  46. Cyberpunk 5 The Rebellion Various Artists Compilation

  47. Driving Away Into The Sunset With You

  48. The Post Nuclear Compilation Fifth Edition

  49. New World Order Conspiracy Compilation

  50. Creatures of Evil 2 Compilation

  51. Neon City II Compilation
    Various Artists

  52. Vault 20
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  53. NRSE VI Cyber Apocalypse
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  54. Transport Us Away Where Unity Stands Above All

  55. Zombie Apocalypse Compilation

  56. Beach Horror Compilation Mystical Sea Creatures

  57. Only Noise 8 Compilation Baphomet's Witches Noise From Hell

  58. Sounds of War 6 World of Rage (Cyber-Futuristic)
    Various Artists

  59. Drone Society

  60. Tsunami Supernatural Disaster Compilation

  61. UFO 5 Alien Experiments Compilation
    Various Artists

  62. Dystopian Reality in a Post Apocalyptic Universe
    Steven Van Horny

  63. Sounds of the Underground 2 The Lost Mining Colony Compilation

  64. Psychedelic 2 Stoned on Mushrooms Various Artists Compilation

  65. Medieval II The Feudal Regime Conscription VA Compilation

  66. The Post Nuclear Compilation #4 Radioactive Waste

  67. Neo Romantic Synthesized Era 5 Living Through Dark Times and Uncertainty
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  68. BDSM Depravity Various Artists Noise Compilation

  69. Biological Agent : The Virus Conspiracy

  70. Cyberpunk IV A New Breed of Winged Replicants Various Artists Compilation

  71. The Strangest Things About Death Split Album
    Kondensator & Flesh Vomit & Destruktionsanstalt

  72. Show A Night of Strange Sounds Live At Studio Sonum
    FMR, Metzger, Placenta Eaters Club & Qz45

  73. Sounds of War V : Gladiators Various Artists Compilation

  74. Voyage Dans L'Espace-Temps
    Kondensator & VHS_Death

  75. Horror Compilation II An Album of Scary Things

  76. Los Angeles 2088 (Cyberpunk Soundtrack)
    Steven Van Horny

  77. UFO 4 Alien Domination Various Artists Compilation

  78. Coldness of Winter IV Various Artists Compilation

  79. Dying Circuitry EP Steven Van Horny Modular Noise
    Steven Van Horny

  80. The Cemetery of Sounds Compilation
    Various Artists

  81. Post Nuclear Paradox NRSE IV
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  82. The Noise Matrix Various Artists Compilation

  83. Sounds of War IV World of Carnage and Chaos Various Artists Compilation

  84. Creatures of Evil Various Artists Compilation

  85. Dark Ages Fantasy The Medieval Compilation

  86. Noise From The Castle's Dungeon The Medieval Compilation

  87. Post Nuclear III Compilation A World Reduced to Cinders & Ashes
    Various Artists

  88. Post Nuclear III Compilation Post Apocalyptic Woman Slayer
    Various Artists

  89. Neon City
    Various Artists

  90. UFO III Alien World Various Artists Compilation

  91. The Interstellar Orbiter Double EP Album

  92. Noise For Speeding Various Artists Compilation

  93. Hangar 117 Genesis of Doom / Yept Split K7 Album
    Yept & Hangar 117

  94. Cyberpunk III Replicants Revenge Sexier & Deadlier Various Artists Compilation

  95. Mystical Submarines Under The Radiant Sonarmoon Sounds of War III Compilation

  96. Ancient Submarines Under The Mystical Sea of Doom Sounds of War III Compilation

  97. Haunted Shipwreck Horror Incident Various Artist Compilation

  98. Bermuda Noise Vortex Shipwreck Horror Incident Various Artists Compilation

  99. Sounds from the Underground Part 2 Various Artists Compilation

  100. Sounds From the Underground Part 1 Various Artists Compilation

  101. Steven Van Horny & Lolipoop Split Album

  102. The Psychedelic Compilation Ambient Paraphernalia
    Various Artists

  103. The Psychedelic Compilation Noise Inducing Narcotics
    Various Artists

  104. Deviant Kitchen Noise A Very Bloody Noise Compilation Various Artists

  105. UFO Compilation #2 Earth Under Attack

  106. Psychiatric Torture Compilation Noise Music Therapy For Mental illness Casualties

  107. Cyberpunk 2 : Sex With Replicants Various Artists Compilation

  108. Kondensator / Returning Videotapes Split

  109. Sounds of War II Various Artists Compilation

  110. Coldness of Winter III Part 1 Various Artists Compilation

  111. Coldness of Winter III Part 2 Various Artists Compilation

  112. Art Bête HNW
    Le Spectre Homme

  113. Anti-Christmas II Part 1 Ambient

  114. Anti-Christmas II Part 2 Noise

  115. Corrupted World

  116. Neo Romantic Synthesized Era III
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  117. Auditive Destruction Noise Compilation Appetite For Dissonance
    Various Artists

  118. Auditive Destruction Noise Compilation Tasteful Display of Cacophony
    Various Artists

  119. Noise For Speeding Split EP w/ Deche-Charge , Steven Van Horny & Methalica is Dead
    Steven Van Horny - Deche-Charge - Methalica is Dead

  120. UFO Invasion Compilation Second Encounter

  121. UFO Invasion Compilation First Encounter

  122. Post Apocalyptic II : Post Nuclear Civilizations & Underground Vaults

  123. Cyberpunk : Replicants Overdrive

  124. Cyberpunk : Computerized Flow of Synthetic Emotions

  125. Blood Moon Compilation Part 1 Partial Eclipse
    Paracelsian Records

  126. Blood Moon Compilation Part 2 Total Eclipse
    Paracelsian Records

  127. Encounter of the 7th Type UFO Compilation

  128. The Horror Compilation Part 1 "Nightmarish Realms"

  129. The Horror Compilation Part 2 "Deadly Consequences"

  130. Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 2

  131. Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 1

  132. Sounds of War Part 1 The Onslaught

  133. Sounds of War Part 2 Retaliation

  134. Encounter of The Strange Type Side A
    Metzger Dark Ambient & Alien Tantric Method

  135. Encounter of the Strange Type Side B
    Metzger Dark Ambient & Alien Tantric Method

  136. Coldness of Winter II Recrudescent Ice Age
    Paracelsian Records

  137. Coldness of Winter II Polar Noise Vortex
    Paracelsian Records

  138. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Split Album
    Hangar 117

  139. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Split Album
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  140. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Split Album

  141. Impending Doom The Post Nuclear Compilation

  142. Life & Death in the Wasteland The Post Nuclear Compilation

  143. Remains of Civilization The Post Nuclear Compilation

  144. NRSE Remastered LoFi Monophonic Low Frequency Special Edition
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  145. Vault 117 EP

  146. Belnisckel's Horror Christmas Incident #1

  147. Belsnickel's Horror Christmas Incident #2

  148. NRSE 2 "Naturally Occuring Transitions"
    Metzger & Agura Matra

  149. Meerheit
    Vlimmer with the hands of Oceaneer

  150. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 1 Practopoietic Mysteries

  151. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 2 Distorted Cyber-Lifeforms

  152. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 3 Synthetic Organisms

  153. Kondensator Demos 2016

  154. The Coldness of Winter Part 2

  155. The Coldness of Winter Part 1

  156. Neo Romantic Synthesized Era
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  157. Living Alone In The Secluded Realms Of My Lecherous Mind
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  158. The Endless Resurgence of Consonant Feelings and Lingering Angst
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  159. Metzger Guitar & Bass Synths Demos 2015 Compilation
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  160. The Dark World We Live In
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  161. Neo Romantic Synthesized Era
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  162. 2014 Demos
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  163. Living Alone In A Sea Of Darkness
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  164. Metzger Demos 2013
    Metzger Dark Ambient


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Paracelsian Productions is an independent Record Label from Quebec city, Canada. Releasing albums from Metzger Dark Ambient & other artists, also releasing compilations in a collaborative form with people from all over the world. All releases on Paracelsian Productions are produced and mastered by Steven Beaumont. ... more

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