1. Dying Circuitry EP Steven Van Horny Modular Noise
    Steven Van Horny

  2. The Cemetery of Sounds Compilation
    Various Artists

  3. Post Nuclear Paradox NRSE IV
    Metzger Dark Ambient

  4. The Noise Matrix Various Artists Compilation

  5. Sounds of War IV World of Carnage and Chaos Various Artists Compilation

  6. Creatures of Evil Various Artists Compilation

  7. Dark Ages Fantasy The Medieval Compilation

  8. Noise From The Castle's Dungeon The Medieval Compilation

  9. Post Nuclear III Compilation A World Reduced to Cinders & Ashes
    Various Artists

  10. Post Nuclear III Compilation Post Apocalyptic Woman Slayer
    Various Artists

  11. Neon City
    Various Artists

  12. UFO III Alien World Various Artists Compilation

  13. The Interstellar Orbiter Double EP Album

  14. Noise For Speeding Various Artists Compilation

  15. Hangar 117 Genesis of Doom / Yept Split K7 Album
    Yept & Hangar 117

  16. Cyberpunk III Replicants Revenge Sexier & Deadlier Various Artists Compilation

  17. Mystical Submarines Under The Radiant Sonarmoon Sounds of War III Compilation

  18. Ancient Submarines Under The Mystical Sea of Doom Sounds of War III Compilation

  19. Haunted Shipwreck Horror Incident Various Artist Compilation

  20. Bermuda Noise Vortex Shipwreck Horror Incident Various Artists Compilation

  21. Sounds from the Underground Part 2 Various Artists Compilation

  22. Sounds From the Underground Part 1 Various Artists Compilation

  23. Steven Van Horny & Lolipoop Split Album

  24. The Psychedelic Compilation Ambient Paraphernalia
    Various Artists

  25. The Psychedelic Compilation Noise Inducing Narcotics
    Various Artists

  26. Deviant Kitchen Noise A Very Bloody Noise Compilation Various Artists

  27. UFO Compilation #2 Earth Under Attack

  28. Psychiatric Torture Compilation Noise Music Therapy For Mental illness Casualties

  29. Cyberpunk 2 : Sex With Replicants Various Artists Compilation

  30. Kondensator / Returning Videotapes Split

  31. Sounds of War II Various Artists Compilation

  32. Coldness of Winter III Part 1 Various Artists Compilation

  33. Coldness of Winter III Part 2 Various Artists Compilation

  34. Art Bête HNW
    Le Spectre Homme

  35. Anti-Christmas II Part 1 Ambient

  36. Anti-Christmas II Part 2 Noise

  37. Corrupted World

  38. Auditive Destruction Noise Compilation Appetite For Dissonance
    Various Artists

  39. Auditive Destruction Noise Compilation Tasteful Display of Cacophony
    Various Artists

  40. Noise For Speeding Split EP w/ Deche-Charge , Steven Van Horny & Methalica is Dead
    Steven Van Horny - Deche-Charge - Methalica is Dead

  41. UFO Invasion Compilation Second Encounter

  42. UFO Invasion Compilation First Encounter

  43. Post Apocalyptic II : Post Nuclear Civilizations & Underground Vaults

  44. Cyberpunk : Replicants Overdrive

  45. Cyberpunk : Computerized Flow of Synthetic Emotions

  46. Blood Moon Compilation Part 1 Partial Eclipse
    Paracelsian Records

  47. Blood Moon Compilation Part 2 Total Eclipse
    Paracelsian Records

  48. Encounter of the 7th Type UFO Compilation

  49. The Horror Compilation Part 1 "Nightmarish Realms"

  50. The Horror Compilation Part 2 "Deadly Consequences"

  51. Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 2

  52. Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 1

  53. Sounds of War Part 1 The Onslaught

  54. Sounds of War Part 2 Retaliation

  55. Encounter of The Strange Type Side A
    Metzger Dark Ambient & Alien Tantric Method

  56. Encounter of the Strange Type Side B
    Metzger Dark Ambient & Alien Tantric Method

  57. Coldness of Winter II Recrudescent Ice Age
    Paracelsian Records

  58. Coldness of Winter II Polar Noise Vortex
    Paracelsian Records

  59. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Split Album
    Hangar 117

  60. Impending Doom The Post Nuclear Compilation

  61. Life & Death in the Wasteland The Post Nuclear Compilation

  62. Remains of Civilization The Post Nuclear Compilation

  63. Belnisckel's Horror Christmas Incident #1

  64. Belsnickel's Horror Christmas Incident #2

  65. Meerheit
    Vlimmer with the hands of Oceaneer

  66. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 1 Practopoietic Mysteries

  67. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 2 Distorted Cyber-Lifeforms

  68. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 3 Synthetic Organisms

  69. The Coldness of Winter Part 2

  70. The Coldness of Winter Part 1


Paracelsian Productions Québec

Paracelsian Productions is an independent Record Label from Quebec city, Canada. Releasing albums from Metzger Dark Ambient & other artists, also releasing compilations in a collaborative form with people from all over the world. All releases on Paracelsian Productions are produced and mastered by Steven Beaumont. ... more

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